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Why should you or anyone that matters choose EMJEKS EDU PLUS?

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WE have been advising and guiding students on studying abroad for a few years and we have VERY GOOD RESULTSto show. We are here to give every prospective student the same satisfaction.
Our clients have been carefully selected to provide a wide range of courses, undergraduates and postgraduate programs.EMJEKS EDU PLUS was founded with an aim to provide value for money, uniqueness, personalized attention, research base decision, and on-going support

To this end, we work with individual students, teachers, schools, academics and institutions to ensure success. The model at EMJEKS EDU PLUS is simply created just for you. We ensure that all constituents are knowledgeable about educational opportunities that lead to success.

We communicate with students through:
1. Workshops and informative seminars
2. Pre-departure seminar for students
3. Exhibition/on spot admission and assessment

What makes us unique

Here are the reasons to study through our Agency:


Our fees and charges are affordable. We match students to schools in locations that suit their budget based on an individual assessment of each student. We believe that this way, sponsors receive good value for their money when they send their wards to study abroad.



Competence, efficiency and integrity are our watch words when dealing with prospective students. We try to ensure that students gain admission into suitable schools abroad and settle legally and acclimatize with the new country they find themselves.
We follow up throughout your stay abroad and ensure you are never alone. We have direct contact with officials and can therefore follow up closely on the application for each student.


We have been there before and we know what it takes, so we can guide you by giving you first-hand, accurate and quality information, so that you don’t make same mistakes that new comers make.


We follow up on each student closely and individually to ensure they receive the needed support to simplify and enhance their study-abroad experience.
We try to furnish new students with information on accommodation options, feeding, welfare, job opportunities and more.

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NG: Suit 303c/503b, Hebron Plaza, Gudu District, Gudu, FCT-Abuja. Nigeria.

UK: 35 Bridge Croft, Birmingham, B12 9EQ


NG - Whatsapp:  +2348098075019

UK: +447466105802

EMAIL:  info@emjeks.com

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Our key objective is to create success stories for students and add value to our partner institutions.